• Hi there! Welcome to my wedding photography blog, where I share a few of my favorite images from my weddings and engagement shoots. For the past eight years, I've been a professional wedding photographer based out of Southern Ca. During the late summer of 2013, I relocated to Fernandina Beach Fl and after the new year, will begin again as a Jacksonville wedding photographer. I am now accepting weddings in Fernandina Beach, Ponte Vedra, Jacksonville, Fl, and the surrounding areas. I'll continue to fly back to Southern Ca for the occasional Temecula winery wedding as well. And if you're planning a destination wedding somewhere really cool, like this recent destination wedding in Spain, I also happen to have a suitcase packed and passport handy, so gimme a ring if you're looking for a destination wedding photographer.


Ok, so this is my first personal blog without pictures. Kind of scary! I want to take a few minutes to talk about “CHANGES.” I love to mix things up all the time, whether its my hair or rearranging my house. I guess I get bored easily, or maybe its because as a military family, we’re acoustom to relocating every few years. That is a good thing in this business because there is always some new technology or product coming out. Like in the fashion world, you have to stay up with the latest styles, or you will get left behind. Some might disagree with this and think that you stick to what fits for you, but its amazing to go back and look at photographer’s portfolios who still show images from the 80s. That style and era of shooting looks so gawdy now. I hate my wedding pictures from 1991! I wish the photojournalistic style was out at that time.
I will admit you can lose your mind (and money) always wanting the new stuff, but I do embrace change!
For the last four years I have been pretty busy with no time to rethink or change it up a little. So this year I have had some down time (thanks to the economy) which has allowed to get very antsy and want to do something new. So I have started the process of looking into what I want to do differently. I know I will be upgrading some of my products but I also want to offer new types of photo shoots as well. I am also changing my style up a little with how I shoot and how I edit. I am not sure how other photographers will view this but for me it is important to always try different things. I want to stay up with the latest “fashions” of photography.

So my plan is to announce a new product line, new style, new shoots and new packages in January 2010. I will keep you posted through out the year of all my findings! Stay tuned…

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